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This Always Happens...or not

Many times you will hear people say, "Why does this always happen?!" Sometimes, you will hear them say "this always happens..."

And often it seems to be the same song stuck on repeat1. It does seem to always happen.

Or not.

See, when something repeats itself, I want to know why. Why does it always seem to be happening again and again. The truth is that if we have a habit of choosing abusive partners, we are likely to be abused by our partners. If we have a habit of choosing people who have troubled relationships, we are likely to be troubled. If we have a habit of choosing people who have short term relationships, we will have short term relationships. If we have a habit of relating to people sexually, we will tend to be viewed as a sexual object.

When we do the same things over and over again, we will get the same results. Because of results being similar we might think that the same things are happening over and over again. We might even think that they are happening to us instead of us choosing it. But it doesn't have to be that way.

The truth is that we can make different choices and get different results.  We get the results we choose. We have to challenge our emotionally driven thought that we always gets the same results no matter what we do.  

Often we don't make any changes to our choices and expect our outcomes (results) to be different. This is the clinical definition of insanity.

In order to realize real change in our life, we must fight back against this emotional statement by challenging it with the rational truth that by and large we control our own choices and our choices impact our results.

We can choose to be in healthy relationships by choosing to meet and interact with healthy people. A person can choose to not be treated as as a sex object by not interacting sexually with everyone they meet.

We can even choose our happiness.

You and I have the power to change because we have the power to choose.

So how about you and your life? What is happening in your life that you would like to be different? What outcomes are you currently experiencing that are not acceptable but you don't know how to change? Do you feel stuck in outcomes you don't like? Write out a list. Then write next to it things are currently doing to get those outcomes. Then right next to them, how you might approach the situation differently.

You can download a template by clicking here.

This is something I am very passionate about and will continue to post about in the coming days.

Raising Mental Health Awareness Changes Lives

This is a post that I did for our blog at Creative Solutions. I felt it should be shared here with you.

Yesterday I  talked about how 75 million people are suffering from mental illness. That means that if you know three people, there is a good statistical chance that at least one of them is suffering from a mental illness.

If one third of the people you know are suffering from mental illness think about how many people you know who have been affected by loving someone who is struggling with a mental health issue. How many people do our lives touch? How many parents are struggling because their son or daughter is struggling with an anxiety disorder?

The next time that you are in a public space where there is a gathering of people going on look around you. Estimate the average number of people and divide by three. That will give you a rough estimate of the number of people dealing with a mental health issue, then multiply by  say 1.5 (I'd go with two but it's probably a little less than a full two times. That will give you a rough number of the amount of people who's lives are being touched by mental illness.

This is why raising awareness is so important. Of course, this is also why I think seeing a counselor is also important. What we are hoping to achieve at Creative Solutions is to increase the number of people who can find help. We realize that we won't be able to help everyone but we would like to see the number go higher than it is. We would like to see the number of people who are suffering go down because there is more access to help.

Ultimately, we believe that better access will help people achieve success over their mental illness. That will allow them to change their lives.

Ultimately changing lives is the goal here. That sounds good to me.


Two Exciting Announcements: now seeing clients in lowell

Well, at least I think they are exciting. First of all, Creative Solutions is now offering a blog.  We are about to launch a multi-month mental health awareness campaign and exciting things are going to be happening. We are hoping you will become more educated about mental health issues and through that education you will BE A VOICE FOR THE UNHEARD.  Far too many people suffer needlessly with issues related to mental health. We want to be a resource for you. Check back every Monday and Wednesday as we share information with you regarding the mental health field. Along with that, I have a series of post in the que ready to run for this blog. It is my desire that this blog will become a place for daily posts.

Secondly, I am excited to announce that I am now seeing clients in Lowell. If you live in the Lowell area and wish to schedule an appointment with me please do so by calling my office number (616.292.0226). I am currently seeing clients in Lowell on Wednesday's but if Monday or Tuesday works better for you we may be able to accommodate that as well. 

linkedin-biggest-mistakes-moneywatch: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance

Schawbel reminded me that networking on LinkedIn is no different than networking in real life. You still want to give more than you receive, particularly when asking for a recommendation: "The best way to get recommendations on LinkedIn is to give one first," says Schawbel


Looking to spice up your networking skills? I thought this was an excellent article on how to utilize Linkedin.