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Everyone Wins? Part 2

Everyone wins. Thoughts on rants I had to endure in graduate school

In graduate school I had to take extra classes because of the institution that I attended. Many of these extra classes were put together in a string. One of those strings was a connection of three theology classes. Normally, these classes would be have been taught by three different professors. Due to a confluence of events, I had the same professor for all three.

Like all things, this had positives and negatives. One of the consequences of this was the fact that as a student I tended to hear the same rants again and again. Doing an unscientific evaluation of my time, I am guessing that about three hours of my life was spent listening to rants about “everyone winning.”

My professor’s basic complaint  was that everyone wins today and that is having terrible effects on our children and society as a whole. He was so passionate about it that often the conversations would spill over into the hallway after class or during break.

This lead to some good questions.

  1. What if he was wrong?
  2. What if he was right?
  3. What are the consequences of it?
  4. What is the cause?
  5. What can we do about it?
  6. Should we do anything about it?

I think this is a worthy discussion for anyone to have, especially anyone who works with kids or has children. There can be little doubt that if he is right, there are consequences. It is reasonable to examine those consequences and ponder their effect on our children.

My next post will deal with the question of what if he was wrong.


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