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9 year old dies: the result of stupid parenting techniques gaining traction

People wonder why I am so adamant about not indulging in these types parenting techniques. My post on the gentleman that shot his daughters computer generated a lot of discussion on here and on my personal Facebook page.

This little girl died and my fear is that if she had not died, then people would assume that this type of parenting is acceptable. I can hear the pragmatic arguments about how at least they were trying something. It wasn't traditional but it got through to her.







Because she ate some candy bars. SHE ATE SOME CANDY BARS. Take a moment and allow that thought to digest. She lied to grandma about eating candy bars. This type of parenting is born out of the idea that violence is somehow redemptive when it comes to children. It stems from a belief that bullying is OK if you are the parent. It comes from an angry place inside of the person administering it, not a place of love.

Violence is not OK, even if you are the parent. This type of parenting is wrong even if she had lived.

Parenting should be about shaping future adults. It should not be about our own pride or desire. Let me say this, as long as we tolerate this type of parenting more tragic results are going to come from these stupid and dangerous acts.

Not all of the victims will die. Some will just grow up with great psychological trauma. Some will have huge attachment issues. Some will abuse their kids. I sometimes wonder what in the world people thought parenting was going to be like. What did they think it would mean to be a parent? I'm done writing for today. Today, I am mourning a little girl's death. I am mourning a society that has lost its way when it comes to how we raise our children.

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