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Brené Brown on Authenticity

If you’re not reading Brené Brown, I think you’re missing out. Ive quoted her here numerous times. The following quote is from her book, “The Gifts of Imperfection” (You can purchase the book by clicking on the banner to the left of my page).

“Authenticity is a collection of choices we have to make every day. It’s about the choice to show up and be real. The choice to be honest. The choice to let ourselves be seen.”

Be courageous! Buy this book. It will move you.

Points to Ponder (<100Words)

“Times covetousness is forever. Time devours and devours—and gives back nothing. How terrible to face death without ever having claimed freedom, even in all its danger!”

~Frederick Nietzsche, in Irvin Yalom’s When Nietzsche Wept as quoted by Dan Allender in To Be Told Workbook.

Ten good lessons about life

I have no idea who Robert Smith is. I subscribe to Michael Hyatt’s blog and he wrote about their friendship today and Smith’s book. I am agnostic towards Smith’s book, and probably a little non-plussed because I’m always skeptical about promises of “totally removing” any emotion like fear from our life. But I mean if Michael Hyatt wants to give me a copy, I’d be happy to read it and publicly review it. :)

Regardless of the quality of the book, Hyatt lists the following ten things that he has learned from his friend. I rather like this list. What are your thoughts?

Here are just ten of lessons I have learned from him.

  1. You can never be too generous. Give to others—and then give some more!
  2. The only difference between you and the people who accomplish great things is the way you think.
  3. Always be asking yourself, “What is important now? What is next?”
  4. Make today count. Live it like it is your last. Every minute matters.
  5. Eat dessert first. Learn to celebrate life and then live out of that celebration.
  6. Assume YOU are the problem. When you do, you quit becoming the victim and begin shaping the outcome.
  7. Embrace rejection. Every no puts you one step closer to a yes.
  8. You never really cross the finish line. Performing at a big show, publishing a book, or even getting a record deal isn’t the finish line. It’s the new starting line.
  9. Life is not about finding yourself; it is about creating yourself.
  10. Play full-out. Hold nothing in reserve.

Points to Ponder (<100 words)

Our desire for security will always be rocked when we decide to trust someone. One of the most discouraging aspects of trusting people is the fact that they may not turn out to be the person you thought you were investing in. Of course, they may turn into someone much better. (51)