Trust is not earned, it is given. What happens when it is given.
Let's Talk about Change: Myths vs. Reality

What do you think? A question written to me recently

What do you think about the quote below? Someone wrote it to me last week and I have recieved permission to share it with the greater world wide web. :) What do you think about what he’s saying? Feel free to comment and tell me your thoughts. Please deal with the topic, and not the person. Thanks.

Please consider...I would be very interested in your thoughts on the following.

When parents with children at home speak of wanting to find a job or being in a job that brings great meaning and purpose to their lives...are they effectively saying that being a parents is not the most meaningful and purposeful things about their lives? Do we live in a culture where one's work is the most important thing...where one's work is their primary source of identity and value as a person? If that is so, is not such a concept an enemy to the family system?

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