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Joe Knows! Question #1

Our first question has been selected for Joe Knows. Here’s how it works:

  1. People submit a question.
  2. A question is chosen at random by someone associated with me (or me) solely at our discretion.
  3. The question is posted and you our readers are given a week to answer and offer advice.
  4. One week after the original posting, I will post an answer either via video or written blog post.

Here’s this week’s question:

My husband and I disagree on the importance of vacations. He doesn’t think they are necessary and I do. Before we had kids, it wasn’t as big of a deal because I could just take a few days away for myself. But now that we have kids, I really want us to do these as a family because I want my kids to have those memories. My husband says that I am being silly and that we can make perfectly fine memories without leaving our house. It’s not that we can’t afford a vacation. We can, my husband just doesn’t want to spend money that he could be using to pay off debt for vacations. I think we need some balance. Help!

~Frustrated in Michigan

So what do you think my friends? What advice would you give this woman? Remember, please be nice and kind. I’ll post my answer next week. In the interim, feel free to keep sending me questions.

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