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Points to Ponder 100 words or less

10 Ways to protect your marriage (Wife style)

My wife recently told me about an article that she didn't really care for too much. You may have seen it running around Facebook. I was bored and put up a status update to that effect. In the comments she gave her list of 10. I'm sharing that list here. Happy Saturday.

1. Always forgive and extend grace.
2. Find times in your day to talk.
3. Never forget why you fell in love
4. Cultivate safety for your spouse which means there is nothing they can say or do to make you love them more or less.
5. Make your spouse your best friend.
6. Take time to play together.
7. Remember that sex is not like the movies;)
8. Touch each other regularly throughout the day like hugs, kisses, grabbing, holding hands ect
9. Get rid of the score and instead have a heart of gratitude. So instead of saying "well I did the dishes last night, why should I say Thsnk you? " just say thank you.
10. Give each other space.
What would your ten be?

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