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7 Habits That Make You Fat

According to recent research, the average person makes 200 decisions every day that will influence his or her weight. And most of these decisions aren’t monumental choices, like “Should I become an elite marathon runner?” or “Should I move to Wisconsin and live entirely on bratwurst and cheese curds?” Most, in fact, are tiny little choices—habits, really—that over the long run, lead us down one of two paths: The road to ripped, or the freeway to flab.And guess what? That’s great news! Because it means that you don’t have to run marathons—or even give up bratwurst—to start losing serious weight. You just need to break 7 very simple, common habits—tiny changes that have nothing to do with diet and exercise, but have everything to do with dropping pounds, looking great, and making a huge improvement in your health.

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You can eat bacon!! :)

The Truth About Milk

Claim #4: “Fat-free milk is much healthier than whole.”

The Truth: Nope. While you’ve probably always been told to drink reduced-fat milk, the majority of scientific studies show that drinking whole milk actually improves cholesterol levels—just not as much as drinking fat-free does.

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I hate, despise, cannot stand, feel like I'm drinking water with white food coloring in it skim milk. When I was younger and extremely skinny I drank whole milk and no one said anything about it. Now, that I am older and not skinny, I often hear about the evils of whole milk. It's nice to see an article that says, "hold on."